About Us

AMULYA VOCATIONAL CENTRE for differently abled adults is a fledgling project of the NIVEDITHA Charitable Trust.

AMULYA’ as the name suggests is ‘the one and only one of its kind’, being the only one for differently abled girls above 16 years of age. Our goal is to provide a safe and conducive atmosphere for the young ladies with reduced abilities  to prove that they are no less than any other normal individual.


Developmental disabilities in children are on the rise and there is a lot to be understood and done, from cause to cure. After working with these children for several years a stage is reached where their potential has been realized and a significant question for both parents and the special schools that work with them Is ‘WHAT NEXT’? It is very unfortunate that we are neither able to mainstream them nor retain them with the old schools forever.

Special academies run short of space with the huge inflow of individuals seeking admission and the ones already with them unable to move ahead and out of the institute making way for the younger ones, On the other hand, having these young adults at home, is not feasible for the parents. Catering to their needs, keeping them occupied, constantly supervising them may burden the family already challenged among other things with age and/ or financial constraints. This may also pose the threat of Depression.

Well implemented programs with quality approach can brighten such an adult’s future and provide a great relief to the family. Our program aims at inculcating a sense of independence and achievement among the adults as also helps to boost their morale, improve the quality of life, self esteem and confidence. We believe in the concept of making the person self-dependent with the following thought in our minds Give a Man a Fish, You Will Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, You Will Feed Him for a Lifetime.”

About Us

Amulya started in june 2012, with the strong focus on providing appropriate skills to adults (only for girls) with autism and other disabilities. From a meagre beginning of serving 2 adults, now the number is increasing and undergoing specailised skilled training at our centre.

Amulya aims at providing Holistic Education and Training for the all round development of the adults. We at Amulya appreciate that not all fingers of a hand are similar. Our individualized attention and teaching methodology helps in identifying strengths, needs and abilities of the individual. We will be providing IEP for each and every individual and reviewing the same periodically.

Besides life skills and basic academics we would also be able to train the educable for the Secondary examination of the National Institute of Open Schooling.

Amulya, being a vocational center, stipends after the training period would also be payable.

Our motto/concept is “More than Sympathy We Seek Empathy

Skilled Training

Adults between ages 12 to 35 years are trained to develop vocational skills to focus on their long term needs.

  • They are trained in product development like paper, cloth and gift articles.

  • They are also trained for micro supplements for industrial products.

  • They are trained in computer skills, tailoring, cooking, music, yoga, house keeping skills & block printing techniques.

  • We will also provide remedial therapy and speech therapy for needy individuals.

This pilot project will be anchored by Mrs. Vinaya Kini. She has an RCI Diploma in the field of Special Education as well as Montessori Training. Besides being a parent of a special child herself she has been actively working in this field for over a decade.

Ms. Vinaya has a history of working as a Montessorian, a regular school teacher, and also as the Head Mistress of the same school. She has worked as special educator at ASHA; counselor at Parijma Neurology center, and In-charge of the vocational unit of ASHA. She has also conducted workshops in different places addressing the different issues of the disability spectrum.

Having been in this field for such a long time, she felt the need for a separate unit for girls and this is how AMULYA was conceived.

Amulya has a set of experienced and committed staff working at the vocational centre.

Archana Prasad our special educator is also very experienced and knowledgeable and committed to her work.

Our teacher-assistants are compassionate and will take care of the wards with love and affection. They are equipped with all kinds of skills to assist their wards.

We also have a helper who will take care of the housekeeping.